About Us

Wildly delicious ramen and sushi infused with Japanese spirit for today’s foodies! 

Tokio is the latest creation of chef Miki Hashimoto, who also brought Denver diners the highly acclaimed sushi restaurant, Japon.

Miki is a true artisan with the highest taste and quality standards. He meticulously hand-picks every ingredient, even down to the water that goes into his original recipes. He makes no compromises and nothing less than the very best is used. Every bowl is served with his heart and soul. Miki wants customers to feel as though they are in a ramen shop in Japan when they taste the delicious food. In his quest for authenticity, Miki uses the same seasoning as most specialty ramen restaurants in Japan. For the “shoyu ramen” broth alone, he imports 14 different seasonings and blends them. He also selectively imports the best ramen noodles from Japan and would never dream of using standard store-bought ramen. Cooking high-quality food takes time, and Miki doesn’t rush the process in any way. To make the various broths, pork is cooked for eight hours, chicken for five hours, and vegetables for six hours. His method is labor-intensive, requiring constant supervision and careful skimming of the foam. Tokio also serves up high-quality Japanese comfort food with its unique “Bincyo-tan” charcoal grill. The special charcoal imparts an authentic Japanese taste to grilled items and fills the space with its aroma. The perfect flavors of the food make it clear that every dish is made with the love and dedication of a true Japanese chef. 

Tokio’s stunning interior was designed by Tokyo native Kanji Ueki, who has created a communal space that compliments the menu well. The second story loft, with its sake bar, is the perfect spot for small parties. Miki’s combination of enchanting dishes and an immersive atmosphere make Tokio feel as if it is in the heart of Tokyo.